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About us

Medic Legal Services Medic Legal Services is one of the leading onshore/offshore providers of Medico Legal Services to law firms and legal departments.

We are headquartered in Los Angeles with state of art facilities in India. Our process is well managed by group of experienced physicians and lawyers providing outstanding Medico Legal Services.

Our team consists of multi-specialty specialists, senior physicians and other medical professionals. Our team of well experienced medical specialist is among the top practicing physicians in the country.

Our core team is supported by a well experienced operations team that provides all the Medico Legal Services back end support. With skilled expertise in medicine and project management we are able to deliver high class services to our clientele and support them 24 x 7.

Our experience in Legal Process Outsourcing ensures we deliver all our services with high accuracy, high productivity within assured turnaround time.

Our customer deliver team is driven by quality to ensure consistency, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. This makes us your dependable partner in your process management.