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Mass Trot

Case Screening Spreadsheet

Medical Records are reviewed and screened by doctors to determine which cases meet the parameters for the class suit.

Results can be delivered in multiple formats including a spreadsheet that allows for quick identification of the cases which have merit.

Hyperlinks can also be used to allow you to quickly examine the source record, such as the product’s label or the doctor’s notes.

Customized Process Document

The attorney provides detailed instructions for the information to be gathered, such as procedures used in surgery or drug dosages.

We can provide a sample based on our experience which you can customize to your needs.

Plaintiff Fact Sheets

The medical records are used to complete each field of the PFS. Fields could include medical history, dates of injuries, dosage of pharmaceuticals, and other pertinent information for the case.

Each entry includes the page reference to the source medical record.

We do not complete any fields where the information was not in the records.